Spring Ahead!

It’s Monday near the end of June.  I have been on a inspired mission to move forward.  So, that has meant cleaning out the past and starting fresh.  Literally.  Somehow I got the bright idea to fix up my home.  Everything stopped when I left my job and now it is time to start living again.  afresh coat of paint will do that you know.

When you start one project, a hundred little others start in parallel.  Fresh paint begat the new carpet in the bedrooms.  New carpet means de-cluttering, and a dozen trips to the Goodwill, the shredders, and other recyclers.

The painter offered to change the light in the stairwell.  Five lights and  two new smoke alarms late,r he was done .  I have a little respite until the tile guy comes, then two more weeks until the carpet is laid.  Summer will be waning when it is all done (is it really ever done).

I keep saying it is an investment as I write the checks.  It is and I like the results.  It is time.


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