What’s New?

So, how many times do you think you’ll hear the  question, “What’s New”? during the holiday party season?  This year, I am looking forward to having something exciting to tell my friends.

I’ve started a business this past summer.  A consulting business for non-profits to be exact called L. Bell Third Sector Analytics, LLC.  After spending a career in the third sector, as an administrator and as a board member, I am ready to share .  My Board Products reflect that combination of experience and creativity.

This process has been a learning experience.  Starting a business is a lot different from running one.  I had started nonprofits before, but they already had a funding stream.   I’m now starting from scratch, trying to build a client base willing to work remotely in a traditional hand-holding business.  But Linda, remember it takes baby steps.  Build it and they will come.  I can’t get stuck in the sludge, must stay positive and keep at it.

To date, I have incorporated, written my business plan, designed my product line, had a web site designed 3rd Sector Analytics, designed business cards, working on Mail Chimp mailings.  A real marketing approach comes next.

For those of you follow my blog, you may remember that I had retired and was eager to discover what my life’s second act would reveal.  My retirement was not of my own planning, so I had many issues to work through.  Each day,  I tried to put one foot in front of the other and move forward but there were many days just one step became a monumental task.  Slowly, I healed.  Writing the blog helped.  Being able to express  myself, be creative, realize I was not alone helped so much.  Those kind words of support mean so much.

So,  this Christmas season I will craft my message.  It will be quick, descriptive, have a call to action, and hopefully someone will find what I am offering of benefit.

I’m ready,  please ask me “What’s New?”



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