Importance of Paper

Paper gets a bad wrap. We make it sound cheap, of low quality, and disposable when it should be held in far higher esteem. Just think about how paper legitimizes our being, faith, love, accomplishments, and our lives.  Here is a quick list. I’ll get us started and you can add-on…

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. High School Diploma
  3. Love letters
  4. “Dear John” letters
  5. Greeting Cards
  6. Marriage License
  7. Divorce Decree
  8. U. S. Constitution
  9. Magna Carta
  10. Passport
  11. Novels
  12. Biographies
  13. Calendars
  14. Currency and checks
  15. Diary
  16. Screen Plays
  17. Obituary
  18. Water Color
  19. Death Certificate
  20. Plate or cup
  21. Medical Dressing Gown
  22. Box
  23. Toy Doll, Airplane, or Hat
  24. A Tissue
  25. TP
  26. Invitation
  27. Business Card
  28. Receipt of Purchase
  29. Stamp
  30. Contract
  31. Last Will and Testament
  32. Newspaper
  33. Song
  34. Poem
  35. Screen
  36. Bible, Koran, Torah
  37. Matisse Cutouts
  38. Today’s To Do List
  39. Stationery
  40. A sack, poke or bag

Let’s keep this going.  What did I forget?




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