Fear of Heights

One day,a month of so ago, I was getting out of the car and glanced in the side view mirror. I felt goose bumps rise and my heart race a little.  The image resembled a giant alien space ship.  Six stories of dirty beige tarpaulin rose up from the town park appearing to be readied for a secret blast off.

Soon, I realized it was the town’s water tower undergoing some sort of renovation.  Our weekly trips to town, punctuated the progression of their work.  Now nearing completion, my heart started to race again today.  As I turned the corner and began our winding journey around Lake Louise, I noticed something atop the tower.  A clearer focus revealed a man with a push broom applying some sort of coating to the top of the tower.  Seemingly alone up there, he worked quickly to complete is task before the temperatures soared into the predicted mid-90’s.  Look closely, and you will see him up there.

I applaud the brave men and women who work with such danger lurking on their nearby horizons.  My fear of heights would certainly prevent me from this kind of work.  I hope the wages are commensurate



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