In Vivid, Living Color

Color is important to our mental health by boosting mood and stimulating memory. Bright colors capture our eye in nature, in print advertisements, and in movies like La La Land where the lively colors dance around the screen much like the in love couple.

Color often triggers memory. When Day Glo paint and black light posters became popular,  I remember going to weekend parties where boy’s dorm rooms were wallpapered in posters that vividly glowed in the dark.  These young men were so proud of their decorating skills and absolutely certain the magical colors turned girls on.   It was the mood lighting of the decade.

Today, the color experts are the people of Pantone.  They match and catalog color,  and report on the color trends  keeping our fashion and home walls in style.  The color for 2017 is called Greenery and is a pretty bluish-green.  I wouldn’t describe their spring trends as vivid but more on the cool side, somewhat like Spring itself.  Vivid is a summer color when temps are high and the sun intense.

Yes, color is important.   Whether it reflects our mood or it boosts us when we need a little help, color wiggles into our brains and stimulates those happy neurons.  I can’t imagine a gray geranium.  Red works fine for me.


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