Um, Um Good

A high-pitched shrill make me turn my head to the left.  As I looked across the little meadow, my eye caught the movement of the large bird perched atop the telephone pole.

His left talon acted as fork holding the fish to the top of the pole.  He used his strong shoulders  and sharp beak to tear pieces from the poor victim.  The sun shone brightly, on that late afternoon warming him as he enjoyed his dinner.

Occasionally, he would pause to look around.  By then, he had spied me taking his picture.  He did not seem to feel threatened by my presence or from birds in the area that may try to steal away his daily catch.  As I began to walk away, it was though he felt the need to comment on the cuisine.  He made some short, shrill calls.  He sounded more like a happy songbird than a menacing hawk.  His was sound of satisfaction.  Life was good.  Belly full and basking in the sun.

I walked on, smiling.  Thinking how I should learn to appreciate the simple gifts, like a good meal.  Um, Um good.

Here is a link  Osprey video and calls


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