The Light of Day

Even the amateur photographer, like me, knows that the amount of light allowed to pass through the camera lens determines the difference between a good photograph and a not so good one.  The correct exposure setting makes the photograph more life-like.  Exposure settings help to add dimension and sharpness.  Over exposure floods the field with too much light, washing away contrasting color and depth.  Under exposure muddies the image as the eye strains to see any detail.  Sometimes, a photographer may use an extreme exposure to give an effect like the slightly overexposed effect of an old Kodak snapshot.  Exposure can be used to tell a story versus reflecting reality.

The amount of light we let into our private lives have a similar effect.  Letting in the light can help us clarify troubling issues, give us perspective and allow us to see the depth of a situation.  Light helps us understand real truths in the light of day, so to speak.

When someone tells you something, and does not allow for full exposure, ask yourself why.  Is it truth they want you to believe or a story?  Stories can be magical but not when you desire the truth.  We need light in our public lives.  We need truth. No photo-shopping, not post processing editing, just a clear and balanced image of the truth.



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