Stars Shine

Last night in Beverly Hills, California, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association honored a venerable American actress for her body of work and contribution to the entertainment industry. Meryl Streep, received the Cecil B. DeMille Award, DeMille, a filmmaker known for his epic pictures was an outspoken Republican supporter during the mid- 20th century. So it is somewhat ironic that Ms. Streep used her platform and reputation to make a statement regarding what she believed to be the most disgusting “acting” performance of the past year, the mocking, deprecating imitation of a disabled reporter by a major candidate for public office.

Ms. Streep’s comments hit the very center of why we are so divided in this country. While some people find this performance to be funny, others can’t imagine how it is accepted and how he can be supported. We just don’t understand how our friends and family can accept it. Where is the empathy that one should have for another who is less fortunate? It brings shame on all of us.

With hearts broken, we will move forward, but differently than before. We will find new causes, support those who will stand on principle and we will make art at Streep’s close friend, actress/author the late Carrie Fisher’s suggestion.


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