Looking Back?

A short, 5 months ago, I started this writing exercise, talking with you each day about my journey toward a new career, life after sixty, the joys of working less and living more, and “finding me”.   I felt from the outset that I was not alone on this path and am happy to report that I am not.  So many of you, readers and followers, have sent kind words of encouragement that offer the reassurance a newbie needs to put away the fear and keep writing.  Thank you!

So as so many of us do this time of year, I find myself reflecting on these past 12 months, my blog specifically, and doing a little performance analysis in an effort to improve the experience as a writer and for the reader.

Let’s start with the good.  My most liked posts include
Why am I here? Where am I Going?

Predictions, why bother?

The Golden Ratio

A few photos you liked:

On the Edge
Hot Dogs and Beer
Pink Painted Sky

Areas for Improvement:

Most days, my topics are driven by the Daily Prompt.  I have tried to tie the prompt to My Second Act’s  focus but not always.  Goal #1:  Stay on point.  (Not only for the blog’s theme but for the post’s as well.)  There have been a few of my posts that started out here and ended up there with no rhyme or reason on how I got there.  Time travel can’t even explain it.

Goal #2:  Improve my writing skills.  There are of course the basics such as spelling and grammar that need to be followed more often.  I have tended to rush to get my posts published and the details suffer.  I promise at least one more proof reading before I push Publish.  Also, I want to work on style and am reading Pat Conroy’s book Low Country Heart, in an effort to make my  thoughts and words flow some better.  Of course, Strunk and White’s book,  Elements of Style sits on the bookshelf over in the corner.  Might help to re-read.  Oh, I long to be a good storyteller…

One thing I hoped would happen with My Second Act, Scene One was to create a conversation about common topics, issues, dreams, etc.  Occasionally, that has happened but I would like to engage you more.  I value your opinions and would like to hear from you.  Goal #3 Improved Connectivity .

Three Goals should be enough to start 2017.  As for 2016, I feel more settled than I did this time last year.  I am easing into my new life and finding purpose and acceptance.  My needs are different now and I am alright with that.  I have learned to let go of a lot and still have some to toss on the pile. My Second Act, Scene One has helped me get to this point. I am looking forward to continuing this journey and spending time in 2017 with you. Let’s make it a fun one!



  1. You are certainly very prolific – it’s admirable!! Whilst I’m yet to delve into your blog In full I’m already loving those photos you’ve highlighted here (had a good chuckle with the hotdog flag 😂).
    Please keep writing and sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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