When I left my job, I left behind the security that a 35 year career affords you–good pay, weeks of paid vacation, health insurance, life and disability insurance, an employer contributing retirement plan.  In monetary terms, I lost a lot, but not a fortune.

What I have found is worth a lot more.  I found that now I have time.  My own time, a lot of the time.  Time to do what I want, most days. Sometimes I have to focus on how to use all this time better (more productively) although that is not really required anymore.  For instance, this morning I started to watch a TED talk on how to gain more time but don’t tell anyone, I got distracted doing an art project and did finish watching it.  But I will!  Cause now I have time.

Much of my day is spent with my Mother.  I help her with her needs.  While she is in her 90’s, she is with it and still interested in life.   I have learned so much from her that I didn’t know and am grateful to have this time to be there.

I have time to talk to people.  Whether it is in the grocery store or taking time to call that far away friend, there is now time in my day.  I have time to play golf, take a walk in the morning (so great!), time to write a blog and time to sit in the sun, close my eyes and take a nap.  My to do lists are still long and now they get mostly crossed off but if not, there is tomorrow.

Now I measure my fortune in time not stock shares.  The clock is ticking for all of us.  Enjoy your time with friends and family this holiday season.  It is the real gift under your tree.  You find it’s worth a fortune.


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