In a week that has been consumed by numbers, it may be time to move from the quantifiable to the justifiable. How much of what we know this Sunday is different from what we knew a week ago? Yes, we have a new President-elect but what has changed?  Is any of it justifiable?

For me,

  1.  I am more fearful that the change will be less positive and more retaliatory.
  2.  I am sad that there are those who wrap themselves in the flag, tuck the Bible under their arm and proudly spew  bigotry and hate in their victory.
  3.  I am disappointed in the FBI for not protecting my franchise.
  4.  I am feeling powerless that my vote probably doesn’t matter because the popular vote is of no consequence.
  5. I am hurt that lies are believed more easily that facts.
  6.  I suffer a slow healing  from this trauma.
  7. I know that there are 1451 days left until the next election.  What will know by then?



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