Second Thoughts? None!

When Donald Trump began his campaign, I thought that he asked some important questions about the current state of US political affairs and the way business gets done inside the Beltway.  There are some serious issues facing us as a nation.  Travel off the beaten path and you will see serious economic inequities.  You will find industries that supported a strong middle class are gone and people are angry and not being heard.  Politicians, from dog catcher to Congress have no clue because their world is good.  Mr. Trump professed to care and promised change.  But like all politicians he gave false hope, Mr. Trump soon heard the cheers of his adoring supporters and he forgot his message when he saw that he might have a chance of winning.  He began to like what he had seen as reprehensible in the political process.  Quickly, he found that winning at all costs was okay.  He became as much part of the problem as any seasoned, entrenched multi-term pol.  In fact he threw out the rules, erased the lines of decorum, and spoke out loud words we have never thought imagined in 2016.

I can not imagine a self-respecting woman voting for Donald Trump.  Hillary Clinton has earned her right to run.  She has had to be stronger, smarter and suffered more indignities than should be allowed in polite company.

I wore my white pants suit today, and my mother did too.  It was a quiet affirmation for the most intelligent candidate we have had the choice to vote for in a very long time.  She has always been my first choice, not because she was a woman, but because I know she cares and will do as much as is possible to fix our problems.  But because she is a woman, I voted for her how she has been treated in this campaing represents the discrimination and bias against women that continues to exists in this country.  I am hopeful.  No regrets, No second thoughts.

No matter the outcome, I am proud to be a Nasty Woman and proud to say that I’m with her!
Second Thoughts







  1. I respect that you tried to give Trump some legtimacy. And I love that you and your Mom wore your pantsuits! I don’t own one but wore white jeans, top and vest instead. I notice that some female newscasters are also in white! We all got our messages across. What an exciting day!

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    1. I noticed a number wearing white too. Apparently, it was a suffragette color. I have been watching “The Crown”. And you begin to wonder why America has taken so long to have a woman leader. Those Puritan ideals certainly still influence us I. Not such a good way.

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