People always want more for their money, so bigger becomes synonymous with better.  Cereal boxes with 20% more sugary crunch, all you can eat buffets that stretch our waistlines, and oversized vehicles called Tundra , Yukon, Expedition and Escalade sold to status seeking up and comers wanting to impress.  Even the Mini-Cooper got bigger when it came to America (mostly because we couldn’t fit in it).


The question is does wanting Giant Sized everything reflect a psychological inferiority complex we suffer?  Why are we not happy with ourselves?  Why does Yuge turn us on?

Maybe midsize or small is okay too.  In fact, if we liked ourselves more, small would be YUGE!



  1. Hmmmm, worth considering. I never wanted to live in a big house, having grown up in apartments. I actually dream of living in a townhouse. I suppose that says good things about my self esteem. So thanks!!

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