Water Fun

How we love water! Has there ever been a little boy who passed up the opportunity to splash in a puddle? I venture not, especially if his mother was looking the other way.

Lewis Mumford, noted sociologist and urban planner recognized the importance of water in an urban landscape. An urban park or green space should have a water feature to be successful, Mumford insisted. This place is certainly popular.

The Water Steps, just outside the swanky Priory Hotel,  works their way down to the Allegheny River’s edge in Pittsburgh PA.  They may have been designed to just look good, but the steps soon became a great place where important business people could unlace the shoes, pull off the socks and splish-splash a little. City kids and tourists alike can come in swimming attire and really have fun without paying a high-priced admission to a water park.

All we need is a fancy film festival and some paparazzi and the North Shore may soon be known as the Pittsburgh Riviera.



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