Sophie and Edward were sister and brother. They were inseparable but did not always agree on everything. While Sophie took the lead early in their lives, I believe that Eddie was the Alpha cat as they grew older. It seemed to piss Sophie off and she often acted out to show her displeasure.

They loved to play and it was usually Sophie who instigated it by tormenting Eddie with a batting of his tail or by taking a flying leap and grabbing him full throttle around the neck. Some wrestling, some noise (they both were talkers, an escape and chase around the house ensued. They sounded like a herd of horses as they bounded up the steps and over the bed, going room to room until you heard a hiss and snarl. Down the steps they flew, sliding across the living room floor, making a Kramer exit and begging for help from Mommy.

How quickly a tease, turns to the back and forth banter, turns to a full-blown angry argument. Cats recover quickly but do not forget. Everyday included the same routine. No clear winner,but willing to fight it out again tomorrow.

It must just be the nature of things. Keep on arguing until submission.

It may take a life time.


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