On that barren spit of earth that lies within a rocky crevice, a seed took root and this tree grew against all odds.  Often, families are like that tree.  Unlikely matches with no 5 year plan, take the leap of faith, marry and soon a family is created.

If your were to cut down that tree, the growth rings would help to tell its story.  One may recognize in the rings periods of good times and bad.   Beyond that, looking at the environs would also help to tell the tree’s story of survival. In this case, growing on the lower side, protected the tree.

Family history and trees have many tales in common. We research birth and death records, family stories and local histories, all in trying explain the details of the when and how of our own family’s lives.   It  can be a gut wrenching experience when you want to know the why.  Often, you learn things that you may not want to know, you feel sorrow and pain for suffering that happened so long ago, you realize loss for loved ones who would have made a difference in your life had they lived longer. You come to understand what struggle really was.

Through your research you find connections to real people.  Long lost relatives who share your DNA, no matter how slight. Together you may get to piece to gather the story of how you got to where you are and  marvel  in the fact that you got here at all.  Sharing the journey makes it all the more meaningful.

Not every family tree looks like a majestic oak with evenly spaced branches filled with twigs and leaves.  I would venture, that most are not.   Rather, our common elements are that we have roots and up from those roots rose a trunk and off from that trunk came the branches.  Wind and weather has taken a toll, but we hung on.  A little drop of rain and a smattering of soil keeps us clinging  to our connections.  The important thing is that by staying connected,  the story passes on to those who come after.




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