Looking Outward

One’s outward appearance is important.  It is said that we only get that first impression once, so be prepared.  The message sent by appearance is powerful and long-lasting.

Our outward appearance is much like the facade of a building. Architecture tries to paint the story of  what goes on the inside by using the facade as its canvas.  Clean, strong, orderly Neo-Classical lines of banks and many courthouses imply security, honesty, and fairness.  These imposing structures sent a loud and clear message.

The ornate wrought iron and beautiful louvered shutters adorn many buildings in Majorca (my featured photo).  It may be a style called modernista,  a movement that became popular in the late 1800’s.  To me, it invokes an appearance of luxury.  Each balcony holds a story of interest and intrigue.  It makes you want to be invited in.

Facades are not always a false front.  They reflect who we are, what we want to tell the world, and who we want to invite into our lives.  Looking outward, projects our intentions. Take care in your image and send the message you want to send.




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