When I was a little girl, Arnold Palmer was more than an ice tea. He was the King of Golf. He even had his own army. When he died yesterday of heart failure, my heart was sad.

Arnie made all of us from Western Pennsylvania feel very proud. He was a star athlete, successful in business, and an honorable man. He epitomized the expression “role model”. If he encountered an ethical dilemma, he knew how to handle it. He wrote a book about golf etiquette and followed those same rules in life.

Arnie gave and gave and gave. Whether it was on the golf course or to the community, he responded. It was sad to see him so frail at his tournament in March. Most golf fans knew he would have been at Oakmont for the US Open this past June, if his health allowed.

When young people aspire to success, whether it be in sports or any other chosen field, they should look to Arnold Palmer. He was the first sport’s agent, Mark McCormick’s first client and that relationship transformed golf and sports. The brand he created never faltered because of the man he was.

He will be missed in Latrobe, in Western PA and around the world. RIP Arnie!


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  1. I can’t remember when I didn’t know who Arnold Palmer was. I didn’t know he’d died. He was a REAL sports hero, never grandstanding or having a tantrum. Just being a kind gentleman. Yes, he will be missed.

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