Only So Many Shopping Days ’til…

J. Alfred Prufrock measured his days in coffee spoons according to his creator T.S. Elliot.  So many of us measure ours against the event clock.  Thanksgiving comes with all the cooking, cleaning, inviting and shopping.  Christmas is a constant, non-stop challenge that starts once the dishes are loaded in the dishwasher on Thanksgiving and ends sometime after the last football game on New Years day.  That constant ticking, the feeling there is so much to get done, sets often the feeling of panic.

Let’s review the numbers

  1. The US Presidential Election is 45 days away.  Got to vote!
  2. Christmas is 91 days away.  Got to shop.
  3. And don’t panic but,  π Day is 170 days out. Hmm, got to ?

I’m setting my sights on π day, much less pressure, do a few calculations, look like you’re smart and your good to go.

Come on over, I’m serving pie.




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