This Most Generous Season

Autumn has just begun.  Some are sad that another summer has drawn to a close.  It may have been a summer full of sun and splashing in the surf, lazy days spent lying in a hammock reading a trashy novel, or one of wonderous travel, but the Earth tilts on its axis and the daylight lessens bringing us our most generous season.

In many parts of the world, autumn is harvest time.  The time to reap what has been sown so many weeks or months ago.  A bountiful harvest will allow farmers and backyard gardeners to share their wealth with friends and neighbors.  What a welcome surprise to find some tomatoes or zucchini waiting on your doorstep.  Turning these treats into  a nice lunch or hearty soup often brings us all together on a crisp fall evening.

While the days grow short, they are spectacular displays of brilliant clear blue skies, a flame spectrum of colored leaves and a wonderfully scented bouquet of drying flowers, burning leaves, and spicy apple pies baking in the oven.  The first frost will remind us that winter is not far away but the afternoons still get warm enough for a walk in the woods or a quick round of golf.

Autumn is full of fun.  Halloween is the quintessential kids fall holiday.  Yards are adorned with ghosts and goblins, spider webs and scary things, the treats outshine the tricks, as we generously fill kiddies’ bags and buckets with bite sized morsels of sugary sweets.

Fall is for other things too.  We vote,  our most important duty as citizens in a  democracy. We honor our Veterans, and we give Thanks for all our blessings on Thanksgiving.

Autumn or fall, this most generous season, cannot be ignored and must be enjoyed. So let us raise a glass of cider or beer to Autumn.









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