I’m here, is this my Now?

Since I left my job, I have been on the search for a lot of things.  Most days I am not exactly sure what it is I am searching for, but that’s okay.  I still make lists.  The lists make me feel like I have a purpose, but I don’t go crazy if I don’t get them done.

Because I am my Mother’s caretaker, I am somewhat limited in my next career step.  I have been offered a couple of interesting opportunities but the logistics just don’t jive.  I also needed to heal. So, I’ve been taking little steps into my future. I am making progress and receiving gifts along the way.

The greatest gift  has been to enjoy today and I get a new today, every day.

So, I am here, and the question this is my now?  After thirty + years of work, it is hard to remember  a time that was really mine.  Sure, there were vacations and weekends.  Bookends to the workweek or year that were more recovery than anything else.  Not much time to jam your life into.

I am making this my now.  The time I do what I want .  It might be a DIY project, an art class, a walk, a visit with a friend, a round of golf.  I am sorry it took 60+ years to find now. But, I think I have.  I smile more and laugh more.  I like now.

Seize the day! It’s not about tomorrow.  It’s about today.   It’s here. It’s now,

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