Let’s Eat Cake


Let’s Eat Cake, A Poem

Torte or Layer

Sheet cake or Pound

Whatever you call it,

The choices are many and

The flavors abound.


Fill it with pudding or custard,

Whipped cream or a jam,

Spike it with whiskey or rum,

Candied fruit or a plum,

You’ll have a nice treat,

When the holidays come.


Top it with icing or frosting,

A glaze or ganache,

Whip up a nice fondant,

Some  fluffy meringue,

Or how about a coconut handful or two,

All of these,

Add to our delicious milieu.


Thanks to bakers world-wide

A great dessert variety, for us to enjoy.

A cake for every celebration, occasion or mood.

From Cheese Cake, Red Velvet to even one called  Angel Food,


The hardest decision now is one slice or two?


Let us eat CAKE!



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