Briefly Blocked Out

The primary definition of the word eclipse refers to the astronomical events when the moon blocks the sun or when the earth’s shadow blocks the moon. There is also a definition that refers to a loss of power, success or popularity.  In the latter definition the word refers to being passed by.

But let’s think about this for a second, the use of the word for the sun and moon only refer to the blocking out of light for a brief period of time.  The sun soon emerges as does the moon.  When one is eclipsed in power, success or popularity there is an implication of being beaten and one has lost. I find these two definitions to be contradictory.

The world and universe are always in motion.  And as they say, what goes around comes around.  One can only be eclipsed if we stand still.  We aren’t always standing in the light but it will come back.  Have hope.  The darkness is but brief and eventually the light will shine on everyone again.



  1. Cool post. I don’t think the definitions have to be considered contradictory. As you said later, you can regain power.

    As an aside, I thought the title said “Briefly Blacked Out” at first. I was like, “That’s an interesting way to run with this…A brainer eclipse”

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