A Stones Melody Memory

Trust me. He is down there. They are all down there. Mick and Keef and Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood. The Rolling Stones rocked Heinz and all of Pittsburgh. It was the highlight of my 2015 summer.

For over 50 years these lads have been making great music. Putting together a beat, rhythm, harmony and melody to record 29 studio albums and 19 live albums. If you followed the boy band formula used by producers today, they would never have made it. Although sexy, they are not pretty. They do not sing harmony like the Beatles. Their sound was not always euphonious, but rather loud and harsh. They were fans of the Delta Sound and created their own bluesy/soul melodies that brought them fame. Bad boys that reflected the time, and they let us express ourselves through their words and tunes.

That rainy night last June, the Stones played and 40k+ sang along. Jagger gyrated and pranced in all his glory. Keef made that Fender sing and Charlie Wyman beat those skins. We were all young again.

The Rolling Stones are survivors and they bring out the survivor in us. Their music gives us strength and hope but not in a sappy, smaltzy way.

“If you start me up”
“If you start me up I’ll never stop”…they just keep on going and their fans do too!


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