Fire and Ice

Even though there is nearly a month of summer left, the signs of Autumn are upon us. The days have grown noticeably shorter, there is a slight tinge of color on some trees and my flowers have grown leggy like a pre-teen. Last evening a storm front moved through and the temperatures have dropped and the humidity has abated. Most likely we will not see the 90’s again until next summer.

I like the Fall. It is a beautiful season with colorful leaves and wonderful aromas. Taking a walk, it is easy to drink in the fresh crisp air, appreciate the mustiness of the damp decaying plant life and listen to the swoosh of the starling murmurations.

As twilight eases over the late autumn afternoon and the sun sets, a chill will fill the air. Combining with the darkness, strange rustling noises of the unknown will send the occasional shiver up your spine.
In a few months, the chill will turn cold and strong winds will blow snow and freezing temperatures our way. I find that snow storms have a magical energy that draws you outside. The air is different when the snow falls, but it is easy to stay outside until you are shivering from head to toe. A warm cup of tea usually does the trick.
Winter is a process kind of season. Snow is transformative. After the snow and some daytime warming, icicles will form from the roof. They can be both beautiful and destructive. Luckily, slow and steadily winter moves along.

Winter requires a deep breath and a long exhale. Instead of the dread, it should be taken in little bites, chewed slowly and enjoyed. Oh my, how I have jumped ahead of myself. It is summer still.


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