Winter Rules

In Florence, Italy, on the Ponte Vecchio, if you place a padlock on the wrought iron fence over the Arno, swear to a true and undying love, then throw away the key your love will last forever. Or so, legend has it.

Seems an entrepreneurial minded locksmith, whose shop was located on the Ponte Vecchio cheated a little and started the so-called legend. It must have worked for him. Gave him a little hedge on his competitors in Firenze. Afterall, the city was filled with lovers. Why let the pick-pockets and flim flam men get all the action? How about a little cheating of the heart? All is fair in love and war, according to Cervantes. Now cities have bans on the padlocks because the sheer weight of their popularity is compromising bridges’ structural integrity.

In golf, we have what we call “winter rules” that allow you to lift, clean and replace the ball, commonly known as fluffing. Fluffing improves the lie and hopefully your shot. For the hacker and his foursome mates, fluffing the ball makes for a more enjoyable day all around. But, like anything it gets abused when the boundaries are pushed to their limits, it is not so much fun.

Question becomes when does innocent cheating cross the line? Is it ever Summer and we play it where it lies?

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