A Life’s Work

Yesterday the little boy next door started kindergarten.  While excited to get his new backpack, he was not his usually talkative self on Sunday.  The anticipation of the unknown had gotten the best of him.

There was much crying at the bus stop across the street but today those tears were replaced with smiles.  Little Landon has begun his life’s work of learning.

Formal education is but one part of learning. And if truth be told, he has been learning all along, probably even in vitro.  It is such a joy to learn something new.  The wonderment transforms into a tool that makes life easier.

Think of how many times and in how many ways we continue to learn.  Through our interactions with people, through work or play, through travel, through nature, through introspection,  we open new doors as we open our eyes and hearts to what life and the world has to offer.  Learning is not a chore but a great gift.


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  1. I remember, I was an impulsive kid in school from about 8-9. I only know that because they yelled at me enough times for “being impulsive” that I finally cut it out. Yet, I believe that is one thing I wish I didn’t learn because I think I would have learned and succeeded a lot quicker being impulsive.

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