America’s Future Circa 1957

What promise we had back then.  No one could be happier cheesing it up for that quintessential Kodak moment.  I’m not sure why I had my favorite toys surrounding me but there they are.  I still have all of them except the tiger.  I had named him after one of my favorite actors, Caesar Romero but his eyes glowed at night and that scared me.

At this age, my brothers mostly indulged me.  Later, but not much, they learned to ignore me.

Youth should be filled with these kinds of happy moments.  Saturdays were our best day. Watching Safari cartoons, breakfast, then out the door to find your friends and play.  I lived in a little town on a short street that had lots of kids.  We played all day.  Rode our bikes, played some kind of ball depending on the season, marched around with our BB guns in left over WWII gear our fathers had brought home, played with Barbie and Ken and Skipper…, and at night we played hide and go seek until the street light ( there was only one) came on.  The only time our Mothers hovered was during Fair Week or when the Gypsy’s came to town.  Of course we heard stories about the depression,  knew our Dads had gone to war,  had “duck and cover” drills at school in case Russia dropped the BOMB but were for the mostly insulated from the World’s dangers.

For the most part, the promises were fulfilled.  Of course the World’s problems did reach us.  My one brother enlisted in the Army during the Viet Nam war and found a career flying helicopters.  We all moved from our little town and are sad for having done that but there were few jobs there.

Some of my friends from the neighborhood still live in the area and we stay connect via Facebook often reminiscing over our adventures.  We were lucky to have a “Normal” childhood.  A kind of blend of Leave It Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet and the Donna Reed Show, if only in my memories. We had a well spent youth .




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