A Former Selfie

What if ghosts took selfies? Would they look as they did when living or something different?

When you look back at photos of yourself what kinds of emotions does it stir? Do you see the person you were then? Are they happy memories or sad? Do you feel changed in a positive way? What lessons did you learn and how?

Do you ever feel the old you come back every once in a while?

I use to think that I wanted the old me back. That me I was from before some bad experiences and relationships had taken me away from me. Well, she is gone but the new me is better. Wiser, warmer, happier, and more cautious.

Moving forward requires constant work. Letting go and taking on. I am working on being superior to my former self. She/me is the only one I have to answer to.

The ghost is a glass sculpture designed by Hans Godo Frabe and installed at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.


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