Not Beyond Our Reach

The bee quickly assesses the cone flower reaching down into its spiny center to extract the nutrients it must take back to the hive.  No matter the flower, it seems that the bee’s reach is adequate to do its job and help preserve the delicate balance of nature.

We are not as lucky.  Sometimes what we reach for is out of our grasp.  Other times, we over extend ourselves and invade another’s space.  While as children we were encouraged to reach for the stars, that is not always desired by those around us.

Yesterday, I met with a millenial campaign organizer from a far away state about volunteering for the Fall Presidential campaign in my local area.  After having to explain my loyalty to the cause, she quickly assessed my age an told me the options for seniors.  I could go door-to-door (which she did not recommend–too strenuous), donate and haul boxes of apples or granola crackers to the people going door-to-door, call registered voter who they knew were supportive of the candidate (I asked how they knew how people voted,  “We know, everyone knows”), drive people to the poll, or stand outside the dollar store and register voters.

I asked if soliciting in front of a retail business was permitted, she said no but no one will say anything.  Then I asked why the Dollar Store shopper ? From her snide answer, I did not get the impression that the reaching out to offer enfranchisement meant offering a hand-up so much as a gaining a favorable tick on election day.

I left disillusioned and disgusted.  More of the same bull@#$#.  My time is more valuable than that.

I have voted in every election since I turned 18.  I make responsible decisions in who I support but apparently that does not matter. I have campaigned door to door.  I have sat in boiler rooms licking and sticking campaign mailers.  I have made those calls on dirty track phones with out-of-state phone numbers.

I think that it is time to change how this stuff happens.  Someday, they need to listen to us.  It is not a game.  When will we, the disenfranchised, manipulated populace, every get our voice back?

Maybe we are just the like the worker bees, destined to keep the Queen happy.  But we are not bees, we are living, breathing human beings, living in a democracy. I don’t think we are reaching far enough, or high enough or deep enough.  Do not blindly give your support.  Ask questions and demand answers.  Make some noise! No one else is speaking for YOU!



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