The Time Suck

I cancelled my print subscriptions at the beginning of the year, too expensive , so my day starts with coffee and my iPad.  First a review of Facebook, then e-mails, then Twitter, the Flipboard, then games, then Facebook, then e-mails, then WordPress stats.  Oh, it goes on and on until I call and check on Mom.  “How are you?  Fine?  What’s new?  I’ll be over later….”

Then at 8am, Ben posts the Daily Prompt and I sit down at the Mac.  First, I search for the photo that I will use. Find it and fix it.  Next, I write my post.  I should spend more time on them to insure a beginning, middle and end but the clock is ticking.  I push “Publish” and voila it is posted  on WordPress.  I also copy it to Twitter.  

Of course, I have to run through the e-mails again and play a few games before I get up to do something “constructive” like check my daily “To Do” list.  

When I hear that ping, I run to my nearest device.  Was it a like?  Did someone comment?  Where is everyone?  Woe is me, no one likes me.  Ping!  Yes they do!  Woo Hoo!!!  (Visualize Sally Field at the Oscars).

Oh Pavlov and Steve Jobs, what hath you wrought?  How much time I sit in front of that screen?

Writing this I realized how much I like check things. That’s what’s wrong, it’s the checking.  The evaluating.  The judging.   If I didn’t check, I could play more solataire.  Or am I just drawn to that blue light?

I must find the balance between the self-expression and device obsession.

As they say, all things in moderation.  That’s it,  I’ll only look at my IPhone today!





  1. Haha, awesome post. How do you get all of that done before 8 AM? If I did all of that, that would be my whole day; although, I’m a slow mover. I used to get up 2 hours before work, just to ease into the day and get my mind straight before I “enter the ring with the rest of the gladiators”

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