It May Be

It may be that “Maybe one of those Second Amendment people” will just be crazy enough to do what Donald Trump suggested they do. Maybe is a powerful word, especially in today’s society.  Maybe they are smarter than him.

So often maybe is used as a powerful suggestion when no proof is available to substantiate a claim. A plausible scenario may be created and the lie or mis-direction is off to the races.

The bigger question is, I think,  do we really want truth? Maybe. Maybe not. It often depends on what is most convenient. Yes or no are absolutes. Simple facts that bind one to an obligation. Maybe leaves the door open. It gives you an option. It allows you to take a different path if it comes along, which doesn’t really seem fair to the person making the original offer.

So, I’m thinking that from now on, when someone says maybe, or I hear it come from my lips, maybe just maybe, I’ll stop and ask for a yes or no, an is it?  or isn’t it?, just say it. No more covering your ass or hedging your bets.  Wouldn’t the world be so much simpler?

Let’s be brave like a shark and demand , “What is it?     Yes or No?”



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  1. Interesting viewpont on the word ‘maybe’ in the most literal sense. I always hate it when I ask someone a question and they answer with ‘maybe.’ It’s not really an answer at all.


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