Since it is #International Cat Day, I would like to tell you about my darling Sophie.  She was a gorgeous long-haired bundle of fluff.  I was not sure I wanted a long-haired cat. My housekeeping skills were limited and I envisioned tumbleweeds of tufts rolling all around.  One look into her eyes melted my heart .  She was a talker.  Not just a meow but full sentences that often ended up as paragraphs if she did not get her way.

As you can see it was if an artist had painted her markings, they were so beautiful,  a tear drop and the prettiest pink nose in the business.

She was an explorer.  As a kitten the world opened up to her it seemed,  one vertical foot a time.  She would discover and then teach her brother who was content to play with the toy she’d lay in front of him while she went on her expeditions around the house.

Sophie liked little toys that she could bat around.  Q-tips were for hiding under the basement rug.  Well she put lots of things there but Q-tips were her favorite.  She loved to run, up the steps, her pantaloons waving side to side, from room to room she bounded, (sounding like a heard of horses) on to the bed, a big leap over her brother and back down stairs ending with a Kramer slide in front on my chair.

Named for Lady Sophie, she was a regal as it gets but she was not aloof.  She was a commoner at heart.




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