My Opinion Matters

All I have is what I think and believe in.  One can call it opinion or faith or a belief system.  I come to my understanding of things like most people,  with a little fact gathering, some observation and a health dose of gut instinct.  These are my tools.  On certain days and in certain situations, one tool may work better than others.

There is another tool available.  It’s called “What others think.”  I have used it in the past but not so much anymore.  I really don’t care that much about fitting in.  I have come to the conclusion that I don’t and that’s just fine.

I have a friend, if you want to call her that, who can’t stand if you disagree with her.  She likes public polling to support her theories.  “Well, the survey results showed that 80% didn’t like that speaker!”  So she is essentially saying to me, he was no good and if you liked him, you’re no good too!  But, my opinion matters the same as hers.  Once, when she was late for a tee time according to the club’s 12 foot clock, she stuck her phone in my face and sneered, this is “World Time”.     No MORE!

My opinion matters as much as hers or the next guy’s and so does yours.  Base your decisions on what is important to you and stick to them.  Tie that knot and hold on tight.  Don’t be swayed by polls or others. Your opinion matters.  BE stubborn.  It’s okay.  It’s your right.






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