Bob and Norma

My parents were a perfect match for one another. They loved each other and each of us. They enjoyed each other’s company, shared everything and fought loudly and often.

I never thought of my parents as typical. They did not seek social standing but had good friends. They spoke their minds even when it was not popular. They worked hard and were mostly successful. They experienced financial failures and medical set-backs but never gave up. They set a fine example.

As much as I loved my parents, I admired them more.    They were my role models.   I am lucky to still have my Mom and enjoy learning that at almost 92 you can still speak your mind and fight for what is right.

While I learned many lessons from them, the greatest one was to do your best and stand up for what is right.  Of course, there will be someone there trying to knock you down,  someone who is louder and more powerful, but that is to be expected.  Fight back.  Confront the bully and call him out!




  1. I admire your parents’ qualities.. And this picture of them is beautiful ❤️

    This beautiful post reminded me of my grandmother. She was certainly ahead of her time, very vocal, and absolutely fearless… Once fought off chain snatchers, that incidence made her a local hero! I wish I had more time with her.

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