Blowin’ in the Wind

The lyrics from the song were etched in our minds in the sixties and reverberate today. I can see Joan Baez sitting on a stool with her guitar in her lap, singing Bob Dylan’s words, “The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind. The answer is blowin in the wind,”

It would be easy if we could see the wind. Maybe then the answer would be easier to find and understand. But the wind is invisible and unstoppable. It is a constant part of nature. Nearly always there. Too much can cause damage, too little and we find it hard to breathe. It helps to pollinate the crops, move weather systems so that we get rain but not too much. It lets us fly a kite in spring and sail a boat in summer. Some winter mornings,  it just smacks us in the face.

In this political season, it waves our flag. No matter your political preference, Old Glory likes the wind. She looks better starched straight out.

Maybe the answer is that there are many answers.  Everyday there is a new one   Out with the old.  A fresh start. Keep on blowin mighty wind and we will keep on moving , hopefully in the right direction.



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