Small but mighty

Soon the Summer Olympic Games will begin in Rio.  Rather than focusing on training for their competitions, many athletes have been worried about the mosquito and the possibility of contracting Zika.  While their concerns are real, one has to wonder what percentage of the story is hype and what is real when it comes to the likelihood of contracting the virus.

Many of us who remember Patty Hearst will also remember the Med Fly.  Investigators found 2 Med flys in California  ( fruit fly that can cause wide-spread damage) in 1974 but could not find kidnapped rich heiress turned Symbionese Liberation /Bank Robber after a year-long nationwide man-hunt.

Sometimes stories, that a real issues, get an inordinate amount of press to deflect attention.  If you look under the microscope at the mosquito on that glass slide, is it Zika or something else?  What is the elusive story escaping our attention?





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