Forever Moon Day

I was nearly 15 years old sitting in front of the TV waiting and waiting for three men to land and then walk on the moon.  The MOON!  Who ever dreamed such a thing could happen.  Actually, it seems more surreal now than it did then.

My generation grew up with men in space.  We could name each of the original astronauts and the order in which they went into orbit.  Teachers brought portable TV’s to school so we could watch the grainy, rabbit-ear captured images. We imagined ourselves living in space like the Jetsons or Dr. Spock.   We played spaceman with flashlights on summer nights.  The picture of the future was a bright and carefree one.  We would all wear unitards, have geometric haircuts and drink Tang.

Even though we were in the midst of the Viet Nam war which had divided our country,  when Neil Armstrong stepped out of that spacecraft, we were one nation that day.  We were united in our achievements and proud of the courage of few to sit on top of a rocket and get shot into the unknown.

We need a dream today.  Something to make us proud.  Something to make us wonder and be carefree.


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