A Feast Lying Beneath

Beneath these lily pads are a host of water-borne creatures and plant life.  Croaking frogs and leaping toads venture from the safety of the water’s edge to sit atop a lily pad, if only for an instant.  Fish weave in and out of the root system looking for their next bite.

There is also unknown items resting on the pond’s bottom.  We could refer to them as bottom feeders, fish food, or a torpedo of a sort.  The golf ball.  Be it a Pro-V1 or a Top Flite XXX , they are expensive.  To every golfer, a lost ball is a penalty stroke ( which is the real price that is hard to pay).  Over the period of a life time of golfing , it adds up.  Just ask that scuba diving ball retriever, most ponds are a feast of little white, orange, fluorescent yellow orbs just waiting to be scrubbed and re-sold.

So pretty, little Monet like ponds are to be admired and avoided.  Unless, you want to add to the buffet of balls that lie beneath the murky surface, aim the other direction.  Your shot won’t carry the expanse and will become part of the golf ball mosaic down under.


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