After the Storm

The morning after a big storm often brings bright sun and a feeling of renewal.
A few years ago we had one of the “Century Storms” that met every expectation the weather prognosticators imagines. It snowed, sleeted, thunder snowed, and piled high.

My friend couldn’t make it past my driveway, so she stopped for a glass of wine and dinner until her husband could come and get her later that night. The car was stuck there for a few days.

The first power outage occurred around 11 pm then the rest of the plan’s power failed about 12 hours later. Nineteen hours later it was restored but by then the house had gotten so cold I didn’t know what to do.

Neighbors stuck together. We ventured out for dinner the second night. It was a welcomed respite from shoveling and pipe thawing. We could power our phones and get warm at least.

Soon it was over and normalcy resumed. One for the record books, even to the early robins who wished they could come in from the cold.


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