A Way of Life

Cowardice is a way of life.  It is not shrinking in the face of fear in a frightening situation.  It is a calculated path to success for some.  It is their way of life.

Calculators of every aspect of situation.  They over think.  A smiling jackass to the public, mean manipulators to those close to them.  Much like child abusers, they isolate you from others, keep you in fear, use every bit of your soul.  They are quick to blame others.

Cowards learn, if they are not born this way, early on.  They hone their craft in school and take it to the world of work.  Often they are they are the boss.  Seems they have the skill set looked for in the corporate and government worlds.  Sometimes they are called leaders, but not by those close to them.

In a pinch, they are nowhere to be found.   They are the puppet masters who find people to do their bidding.  9/11 is a prime example.  It has been repeated thousands of times since that day in horrific acts and incremental daily acts.  Call the cowards out.  Their turn at bat is over.


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