We love all things FALSE

There is something about us that wants to believe in that which is false. Whether it is our belief in UFO’s, Hollywood blockbusters, our politicians or the American dream, we like fiction over fact.

Make the idea seem plausible and simple to arrive at and it will beat truth any day.  Just ask O.J.  I would suggest watching O.J. Made in America for a crash course in just how we like spin and falseness.  From Simpson’s fake smile and eye-rolling to the bumbling racially biased “Keystone cops” played by the LAPD, justice in America takes a hard hit.

But O.J. is only one example.  Look at our elected leaders manufactured by power brokers and handcrafted by ad men on Madison Avenue.  And they aren’t the only ones,  look in your garage.  Did you really have to spend that much on a car or was it an image you were trying to establish?

So  we like to be lied to.  It makes us feel good, because the truth hurts.  It hurts to believe that the American dream is not possible for all Americans.  It hurts to believe that your  friends are not friends all the time.  It hurts to think that natural beauty is not enough.  It is easier to be in denial.

Question is will we survive the false rhetoric of an election year like this one.


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