Peeling back the layers

Every day adds a new layer to ourselves.  We are constantly changing, cells are dying, new cells are growing.   Experiences bring us knowledge of things we did not know before.  The question is whether we embrace the change.

Some people are seemingly more complex than others.  The outer layers may serve to protect their inner self.  There are many layers designed to keep people out, confuse the perception, hide from reality. Some folks construct an image for the public.  Others conform with the norm, and appear to be just like any other fellow. Politicians and corporate leaders deliberately shape their public image to appear to reflect a certain value system popular with the general public.

But who are they really?

It takes time to get to really know someone like this.  To understand their interests, their sense of self, their level of compassion requires peeling back the layers.  When you come to finally know them you will know if you have confidence and trust in them.  If the inner layers are so far different from the outer image one is more likely to distrust the individual.

So as we peel back the Trump’onion, who will we find?  Is there a warm and cuddly Hillary in there?  The next few months will peel back the layers.








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