As we celebrate our Brexit of  240 years ago, our inner caveman emerges . Each 4th of July, most Americans like to include  the burning of things as a symbol of our independence.  Whether it is with the loud or showy kind like sparklers, M-80’s, cherry bombs, bottle rockets, etc.  The weekend will be a cacophony of booms and brightness followed by sulphery smelling smoke.

Other of us like to light the grill and incinerate a once live creature into a charred slab of protein goodness.  Still others will neatly stack small branches of wood and build a glowing fire pit, ready for all kinds of neighborhood sacrifices.

Going for the burn is a good thing.  It puts an end to the old.  It warms your spirit and it lights the way to a brighter future.

Burn safely and pursue your happiness as the founding fathers intended.




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