Ahh…maybe I can be happy!

Somewhere deep in the middle earth portion of my brain rests those pleasure sensors.  It requires the right electrochemical reaction to produce that Ahh moment.  Hopefully, it is of the appropriate strength to send  enough endorphins to provide a lasting relaxation and calming feeling.  Funny how we can easily send those stress chemicals out in heightened quantities but takes more training to do the pleasure ones.

It all starts with knowing what pleases you.  For some, it is a tangible item or activity.   Some people find pleasure in the work of others such as art, music or sports.  It may be a combination.  This morning I got to thinking about what gives me pleasure or what do I find pleasing.  Soon, I had a list that was a lot longer than I had imagined.

Here are some of the things that came to mind,  independence, control, strength, skill, intelligence, creativity and compassion.  I like to do things like golf and bike riding.  I like to do crafts.  I like to take photos.  I like people sometimes.  I like to blog.  Sometimes, I like to do nothing.  Sometimes it is having the wisdom to choose pleasure over pain.

I prefer pleasure.  Hell, I like it.

“note to self,  remember that!”




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