Where to Next?

I grew up in s small rural town.  It was the world to me.  I loved my street, my house, my friends, everything about.  I also learned to like our trips away from home.  Most Sundays we went for a ride.  Over the hills and through the valleys of Greene County, Pennsylvania we would go. So and so lived here and so and so lived there, my parents would recall.

For some reason, my parents liked battlefields and we visited many Civil War and Revolutionary War sites.  My earliest recollection  was going to Mt. Vernon and Monticello.  I fell in love with Tom Jefferson and had to have my bedroom painted Wedgewood blue when we got home.  I had to be the only 4 year old sporting a colonial theme in their bedroom.

Sometimes you bring home a mixture of memories.  Souveniers, trinkets, photos, new tastes and smells.

Of course we went to the beach and that was fantastic.  I loved the smell of creasote the used to preserve the boardwalks (wierd, I know).  Of course, it mixed with wafts of carmel corn and salt water taffy aromas.  Oh, and the outdoor showers were damp and salty.

On my birthday, I got to pick where we would eat.  I liked the Backbone Mtn Inn in Redhouse West Virginia.  It was a hike but had great food.  Mostly family style home cooking.  There was big fireplace and things tasted smokey good.

As an adult, I have been lucky to travel to Europe and beyond.  I love being a tourist and am ever mindful that visiting someone else’s home requires honor and respect.  Travel opens our minds to different cultures, foods, religions.

I am ready,  “Let’s go!  Where to next?”


Why am I here? Where am I Going?



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  1. Love this — especially the part about your bedroom decor! Very creative. My parents were also fans of vacationing at the battlefields. Unlike you, I was never all that taken with them. I DO giggle a bit when I look back at family vacation pictures and see disgruntledness written all over my face — also a reminder that I was a handful and to be patient with my equally challenging children.

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