Predictions, why bother?

One thing that I can predict, unless you are a complete dolt, is that you will have a good time in Las Vegas.  I did.  Before going there, I would have placed it last on my bucket list. I was mistaken. Vegas has something for everyone and you don’t have to look far to find it.

What I can’t predict is whether you will win at the tables or slots or the hundreds of other ways you can make a wager in this mecca of gambling.  I do know that they don’t build those big buildings on losing.  So, take it from there.

The bigger question is, why do we want to know about the future?  Is it life expectancy issues, success or failure, love?  I find it hard enough to understand the past so that I can live today fully.  The future is constantly replacing the present.  It rarely feels very different from yesterday.  So, stay in the moment and hang on tight.

Tomorrows Weather forecast is sunny!




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