Finding Empties

In my childhood, the word empty mostly referred to things. A deposit was paid on “pop ” bottles and when you returned them you got 2 cents back. The return was called an “empty”.   Aside from selling lemonade, collecting empties were the first entrepreneurial ventures of our youth.

As a teen, when you got the car and the gas tank was low, you were running on empty. Easy fix for $1 or $2. Of course, you only put enough in to equal how you found it.

If you were a baseball fan and no runners were on base, the Pirate announcer said that the bases were empty.

And, of course there is the proverbial, Is the glass half full/empty reference.

Adulthood has brought feeling to the word empty. It is the feeling of loss when the one you love leaves you . Falling in love is a wonderful thing, but the end often leaves you with less that you had before. You feel that the glass can never be refilled. Not like the pop bottle. Not like the gas tank. Not like a couple of hits in baseball. Empty becomes despair.There is a hollow pit in your stomach. Your breath is shallow. Your shoulders heavy and your eyes are glazed.

Of course, we find other loves. We are wiser the second time. Or, so we think. We look to be fulfilled. Lifted up.

Love and loss. They just go together.

Maybe that empty feeling is really a new beginning.


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