A Time to Grow

My first thoughts of summer take me back to childhood and summer vacation. Off from school, the long days were filled with playing in one of the most wonderful neighborhoods I could imagine. Wiffle Ball, bike riding, jump rope, swinging, playing army, Bible school, hide and seek, and catching lightning bugs, going to the swimming pool and the county fair filled our days.

We grew too. By the end of summer, school clothes from last year no longer fit.The flowers and the trees grew too and of course the grass, much to the chagrin of my brothers who had to mow it.

During the school year, teachers tried to shape and grow our minds, but summer grew our spirits. We wondered and day dreamed and expressed ourselves, fought and settled our own battles with little oversight and were totally unaware of what was happening.

Summer is the best time , you can play and grow at the same time. “Grown-ups” need a summer to do nothing too. Think of how we would grow.


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