The Golden Ratio

Perfectly spiralled soon-to-be petals are compacted in the bud of this Echinacea blossom. Their pattern will unfold according to a plan.  While a unique flower, the arrangement of the flower’s petals follow the mathematical theory known as the Golden Ratio common in nature, science, the human body and atomic structure. This ratio has been used by early mathematicians, such as Euclid and Pythagorean, great thinkers such as Di Vinci, and modern artists such as Dali and composer Bartok.

The pattern of the golden ratio is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Few realize that when you look at a coneflower you are looking at a complex mathematical formula.  Quite possibly it is that order we are looking for that we find so pleasing.  We are looking for Nature’s perfection.

Math and science are so wonderous.  Read more about the ratio  and explore nature using your math and science eye.


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